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Louis Vuitton - Emprise

Louis Vuitton – Emprise

Creaminal synchronizes Aleph by Gesaffelstein on Louis Vuitton’s new campaign, Emprise. Artist : Gesaffelstein Track : Aleph Campaign : Louis Vuitton – Emprise Agency : Surface 2 Air Studio & Slowdance Synchronization : Jeanne Trellu (Creaminal) Special Thanks : Juliette Lambert, Jérémie Rozan
"Loulou, l'incroyable secret" remporte le César 2014 du Meilleur film d'animation

“Loulou, l’incroyable secret” remporte le César 2014 du Meilleur film d’animation

Loulou, l’incroyable secret a French film for which Creaminal worked on music supervision is the winner of this year’s César award for Best Animated Film. Congratulations to Gregoire Solotareff, Eric Omond, Valerie Schermann, Christophe Jankovic and Laurent Perez Del Mar! Director : Eric Omond and Grégoire Solotareff Original Soundtrack : Laurent...
Citroën - Citroën C4 Picasso

Citroën – Citroën C4 Picasso

Creaminal synchronizes A Place To Be by Framix on Citroën’s C4 Picasso campaign. Artist : Framix Track : A Place To Be Campaign : Citroën C4 Picasso MusicBox Agency : Les Gaulois Synchronization : Les Gaulois / Creaminal Special Thanks : Lionel Dray (Les Gaulois) This track is on Framix’s Stuck In A Cruel World album, available...
Renault - Megane

Renault – Megane

Creaminal synchronizes the title I Love You But I Hate You by PowerSolo  on the new Renault Megane campaign, Catch Me If You Can. Artist : PowerSolo Titel : I Love You But I Hate You Campaign : Catch Me If You Can Agency : Publicis Conseil Synchronization :  Prodigious / Creaminal Special Thanks : Elodie Silliart...
[lang_fr]Les Revenants - International Emmy Award Winner[/lang_fr][lang_en]The Returned - International Emmy Award Winner[/lang_en]

The Returned – International Emmy Award Winner

The T.V Series “The Returned”, for which we did the music supervision, is the 41st International Emmy Awards winning program as Best Drama Series. Congrats to Fabrice Gobert, Mogwai, Haut et Court TV and Canal+. We are glad to announce that we’re just starting to work on season 2. Direction...


SFR - Red

SFR – Red

Creaminal synchronizes Canned Love by PowerSolo on SFR Red’s new campaign.   Artist : PowerSolo Track : Canned Love Campaign : SFR Red Agency : Les Gaulois Synchronization : Hercule / Creaminal Special Thanks : Lionel Dray
We'll Never Have Paris

We’ll Never Have Paris

Creaminal synchronises Grand Tata by Hyperclean in the first feature length film by Simon Helberg (Big Band Theory), We’ll Never Have Paris.   Artist : Hyperclean Track title : Grand Tata Film : We’ll Never Have Paris Director : Simon Helberg & Jocelyn Towne Cast : Simon Helberg, Mélanie Lynskey, Maggie Grace, Zachary Quinto Special...
SFR 4G Skater

SFR 4G Skater

Creaminal synchronises Morning Song by Le Loup on SFR 4G’s latest campaign, ‘Skater’. Artist : Le Loup Track title : Morning Song Campaign : SFR 4G ‘Skater’ Agency : Les Gaulois Sync : Les Gaulois / Creaminal Special Thanks : Lionel Dray
Dior Backstage Pro

Dior Backstage Pro

Creaminal supervises the soundtrack of Dior’s new Backstage Pro film. Campaign : Dior Backstage Pro Agency : Slowdance Supervision : Jeanne Trellu & Jaco Zijlstra Special Thanks : Juliette Lambert (Slowdance)
Clé de Peau - La Bohème

Clé de Peau – La Bohème

Creaminal synchronizes the title Color Of My Lies by Sandy Lavallart  on the new Clé de Peau campaign, La Bohème. Artist : Sandy Lavallart Titel : Color Of My Lies Campaign : Clé de Peau Spring-Summer 2014 Collection – « La Bohème » Agency : Code MM Synchronization :  Jaco Zijlstra (Creaminal) Special Thanks : Mika Mizutani, Isabelle Morin
[lang_fr]BeIN Sport - Habillage musical[/lang_fr][lang_en]BeIN Sport - Music Design[/lang_en]

BeIN Sport – Music Design

Creaminal produces the new musical identity of the channel beIN Sport, composed by Nico Bogue. Artist : Nico Bogue Director : Marthe Salier Production : Digital District Music Supervision : Jeanne Trellu
Loulou, l'incroyable secret

Loulou, l’incroyable secret

Creaminal carries out the musical supervision of the cartoon movie Loulou, l’incroyable secret by Grégoire Solotareff and directed by Eric Omond, with a score composed by Laurent Perez Del Mar. In theaters December 18th. Director : Eric Omond and Grégoire Solotareff Original Soundtrack : Laurent Perez Del Mar Arrangement : Daniel Glet Production : Prima Linea Music Supervisor...
Les Toiles Enchantées - 2013

Les Toiles Enchantées – 2013

Creaminal supervised the music for the new movie Les Toiles Enchantées 2013 by the association “Les Toiles Enchantées”, with a score composed by Laurent Perez Del Mar. Artist : Laurent Perez Del Mar Titel : Enchanted Canvas Campaign : Les Toiles Enchantées 2013 Production : Big Productions Music Supervision : Jaco Zijlstra (Creaminal) Special Thanks : Raphaël Carassic...
STIF - Via Navigo

STIF – Via Navigo

Creaminal synchronizes the title Airplanes (feat. Noémie UFO) by Alexander Van Pelt on the new STIF campaign, Via Navigo. Artist : Alexander Van Pelt Title : Airplanes (feat. Noémie UFO) Campaign : Via Navigo Agency : Les Gaulois Production : Big Productions Synchronization : Creaminal Special Thanks : Isabelle Darroman and Sami Benhadj
[lang_fr]Loulou, L'Incroyable Secret : Musique Making Of[/lang_fr][lang_en]Loulou, L'Incroyable Secret : Music Making Of[/lang_en]

Loulou, L’Incroyable Secret : Music Making Of

Creaminal presents the Music Making Of of Loulou : L’Incroyable Secret  with a score composed by Laurent Perez Del Mar. The cartoon movie, directed by Eric Ormond and Grégoire Solotareff, will be released on the 18th of December.  Composer : Laurent Perez Del Mar Release Date : December 18, 2013 Music Supervision : Creaminal Special Thanks : Primalinea
Comptoir des Cotonniers - Mademoiselle Plume Biker

Comptoir des Cotonniers – Mademoiselle Plume Biker

Creaminal synchronizes the title Allure by Daily Bread on the new Comptoir des Cotonniers campaign Mademoiselle Plume Biker. Titel : Allure Artist : Daily Bread Synchronization : Jaco Ziljstra (Creaminal)
En Solitaire

En Solitaire

Creaminal synchronizes the title The Doors Will Open Up For You by Maureen Angot on the new movie of Christophe Offenstein, En Solitaire. Title : The Doors Will Open Up For You Artist : Maureen Angot Production : Gaumont / Les Films du Cap Director : Christophe Offenstein Synchronization : Creaminal