French Game

Creaminal carries the music supervision of the new TV series French Game, directed by Jean-Francois Tatin and produced by Silex Films. Original music by Lewis OfMan. The series shows the story of French hip hop with 11 episodes and 11 iconic songs. You can watch the series on

Director: Jean-Francois Tatin
Production: Silex Film
Original Music: Lewis Of Man
Music Supervision: Creaminal

Special thanks : IAM, Oxmo Puccino, Doc Gyneco, Teki Latex, Gringe, les X-Men, Lady Laistee etc. et des reprises originales de The Pirouettes, Jazzy Bazz, Clara Cappagli, Nelick, سماء ’SAMA, LeJuiice, Emile, Les Tontons Flingueurs, Zuukou mayzie & Loveni, ION, Lewis Of Man, N.I.C des Numbers